Let’s Rejuvenate Your Existing Electrical Panel!

When your electrical panel starts having problems, ignoring the problem isn’t an option. But you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to have your entire panel replaced. Panel replacement can be a big job that takes a long time and comes with a pricey bill. However, sometimes a simple electrical panel repair isn’t going to solve the problem and get your electrical system safe again. Thankfully, when you live in Orlando, FL and you have A-Lumination Electric Inc. on your team, you have more options. One of the options that you can consider is an electrical panel rejuvenation. Need to talk about your electrical panel options? Contact A-Lumination Electric Inc. to get upfront estimates, give us a call at 407-710-9695.

Electrical Panel Rejuvenation for Orlando, FL

What Is Electrical Panel Rejuvenation? 

An electrical panel rejuvenation is a service that is somewhere between a full replacement and an electrical panel repair. Instead of completely removing your old panel and putting in a new one, our electricians will leave the main structure intact while replacing some of the key components and circuit breakers that are making your electrical panel unsafe with new components and updated circuits.

What Is Included in Our Electrical Panel Rejuvenation Services?

There are a few things that you can expect when you call for an electrical panel rejuvenation. Here are some of the services that will follow your call. 

Inspection and Estimate

We’ll come and look at your current breaker box to see if you’re panel is a good candidate for the service. We’ll look at specifics such as whether you want to move circuits around and whether a rejuvenation can give your electrical panel a few more years.

Electrical Rewiring

Not all panels need electrical rewiring as part of the rejuvenation. But there will likely be a few small rewiring jobs that need to be done to either make your home’s electricity more convenient or to make your breaker box safer. 

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Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit breaker replacement is the main part of your panel rejuvenation. Circuit breakers are the part of the panel that wears out the fastest in most cases since they only last for around 10 years. 

Other Items

Your panel rejuvenation may also include some additional services such as relabeling your panel to make it easier to read, installing surge protection, installing a duct seal, and making your panel more presentable. 

Is Electrical Panel Rejuvenation an Option for Your Panel?

For your breaker box to be a good candidate for rejuvenation, it should usually be less than 15 years old. It will also need to be checked out by one of our electricians to make sure a panel replacement isn’t necessary to preserve the safety of your electrical system. We may rule out this type of service if your panel is made by certain manufacturers or if a panel rejuvenation is not enough to make your home safe. A rejuvenation is also not a good option if you need to upgrade your panel to something with more amps.

Fuse boxes are not candidates for rejuvenation since they are no longer considered a safe option. For the sake of insurance reasons and for general electrical system safety, we recommend replacing fuse boxes with a breaker panel that will be able to handle your electrical needs.

Planning Ahead for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Keep in mind that an electrical panel rejuvenation is a service that is extending the life of your panel but does not make it last forever. It is likely that you will have to replace your electrical panel or invest in an electrical panel upgrade about 10 years after your rejuvenation. As your electrical system grows, your need for an electrical panel upgrade will also increase. An electrical contractor can help you weigh your options and help you come up with a long-term plan. We want you to have solutions that are cost-effective while always keeping you up to date with electrical code standards. Safety is our top priority!

Our Electrical Services at A-Lumination Electric Inc. 

Are you looking for an electrical contractor that stands out from the rest? At A-Lumination Electric Inc. we want to provide electrical services that are superior because we care about local families in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our services are straightforward, our prices are honest and fair, and we take the time to make sure every job is done safely with the highest quality materials and services. 

We have been serving the area for more than two decades and we are proud of the reputation we’ve earned in the community. When you need electrical services you can count on every time, our team at A-Lumination Electric will give you what you need. We offer every type of residential electrical service from 24/7 emergency repairs to installations of all kinds.

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