Electrical Panel Repair in Orlando, Florida

Electrical panels are quite a human achievement. Thanks to the innovative thinking of Benjamin Franklin, human civilization rocketed itself into the new electrical era. Nowadays, most people hardly ever think about the power of electricity: that is, of course, until something goes wrong. 

When your electrical panel requires repairs, it can be more than a drag. Unsolved electrical issues can spark home fires and can lead to accidental electrocution. To keep safe when your electrical panel requires repairs, call the professionals at A-Lumination Electric to receive the best electrical panel repairs in Orlando, FL. 

Top-Tier Electrical Repair Services 

At A-Lumination Electric, we perform fast electrical repair service to get your electrical panels working as soon as possible. 

It’s this top-tier service that has helped us stay in business for nearly 30 years. When you need electrical repairs, you need the most experienced hand. You need A-Lumination Electric, as we’re here to provide the best service in the Orlando, FL, area. 

But how can you tell when you need electrical panel repair? Here are some big signs that you should look out for:

Circuit Breakers Trip Often  

Circuit breakers are an integral piece of your homes’ electrical system. They are the last line of defense to prevent you or a family member from being shocked by a rogue electrical current.

When your circuit breakers continue to trip, it could indicate a problem with your electrical panel. If your breakers trip often, you should call for help immediately as the circuit breaker not only keeps you safe from electric shocks, but a broken breaker could quickly spark a fire. 

Dimming Lights 

Your electrical panel is the source of all of your home’s power. When it begins to break down, you’ll see that breakdown reflected in power-using devices. If you notice your lights dimming, flickering, or not working when you turn on lights in another room, this could be a sign that your electrical panel needs repairs. 

Hot Electrical Panel

When appliances have a problem, they must work on overdrive to function normally. When your panel works harder, the temperature inside can heat up. If you touch your electrical panel and notice that it’s hot, this means that there’s most likely an issue with your panel that requires repairs.

If you notice a rise in your panel’s temperature, it could mean that your panel:  

  • Has frayed wires
  • Has damaged wires
  • Is suffering from some internal problem 

Make sure to call an electrician if you notice a rise in the temperature in your electrical panel. 

Melted Wires 

Your electrical panel should never be so hot that its wires melt. If your panel reaches high enough temperatures that wires or metal burns, there’s something wrong with your electrical panel.

Melted wires are a big fire and electrical hazard. If you notice your wires are melted, do not delay: call a certified electrician to come to your property and survey the damage as soon as possible. 

The Dangers of DIY Repair 

Sometimes homeowners think that if they research the problem online, they’re capable of fixing the problem on their own. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Attempting to fix an electrical panel without proper training can be dangerous or even deadly. If you sense your electrical panel needs repairs, don’t attempt to touch any wires. Instead, call for immediate help from A-Lumination Electric — the best electrical panel repair team in Florida. 

Call A-Lumination Electric Today! 

Your electrical panel is an integral system in your home. Without it, your house won’t have any power. A broken panel can be extremely hazardous to you and your family. 

For reliable electrical panel repair service, call A-Lumination Electric. We’ll send one of our team of certified, knowledgeable electricians to your property to make the panel repairs as soon as possible. Call us today to book your appointment. 

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