Electrical Repairs You Can Rely On

There are many things inside your home that can be great weekend projects for the enthusiastic DIYer. Restoring an old dresser to its former glory or repainting your master bedroom can be a great way to exercise your creative side and improve your home, but when it comes to electrical repairs, it’s safer to leave it to the experts.

At A-Lumination Electric, we take care of electrical problems in your home so you have more time to make it a retreat from the outside world. We want your home to be safe as well as beautiful, and that means providing you with reliable electrical services. We are proud to be able to serve Central Florida and to make many homes in the area safer and more comfortable.

Electrical Repair in Orlando, Florida

Electrical Repair Services in Orlando, FL and the Surrounding Areas

We provide comprehensive residential electrical repair in Orlando, FL and beyond. This means that there is nothing in your electrical system that we can’t fix. If you are noticing lights that dim when you run an appliance, or if your breaker is tripping every couple of days, you can call us and have us take a look at your electrical panel. Often times problems can be traced back to your panel because it’s at the center of your electrical system. 

We also take care of outlet repair and replacement. Outlets can get worn out over time or can become faulty with age. You should always call if:

  • You notice large white or yellow sparks when plugging something into an outlet (small blue sparks are usually normal).
  • Hot or burning smells
  • Outlets that are warm to the touch
  • Black scorch marks around the outlet

We have electrical troubleshooting services for many other problem areas in your home such as light fixtures, faulty wiring, ceiling fans, light switches, and electric water heaters. If you aren’t sure whether we offer a service, just give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll get you the information you need! 

When to Call For Electrical Repair Services

We know that it can be really easy to get used to all of the little strange things that happen in your home. But while some things can be harmless, you should know that other things aren’t normal. Lights that flicker when the air conditioner is running, or one area in your home that is always tripping a breaker are just two examples. It is better to get an electrical repair now than to wait until it’s too late. Our prices are always fair and upfront so that you never hesitate to call about a new electrical problem. 

Emergency Repair Services in Orlando, FL

What happens when it’s the middle of the night and you notice something that’s not right? You should never have to wait until morning if there is something potentially dangerous going on with your electrical system. That is why we provide 24/7 emergency electrical repairs. There is always someone on call who is ready to answer the phone and quickly come to help you if needed. 

You can call us for emergency services for everything from burning smells to a power outage in one part of the home. If you suspect a fire or any other dangerous situation, be sure to call 911 first. Then contact us so that we can restore your power and make your electrical system safe and secure again. 

At A-Lumination Electric, We Care!

At A-Lumination Electric, you always come first. 34 years in the industry have been more than enough time to establish a good reputation in the community. In that time, we’ve also learned how to best take care of our customers. Before you commit to a repair, we will always let you know exactly how much you will pay for the service at the end. We won’t add on any surprises to your final bill, and you will be able to see in detail exactly what you are paying for. 

We are also extremely proud of the team that we have built. At A-Lumination Electric, we’re particular about who we choose to hire. That’s why we make sure our team has been background-checked, drug-tested, and screened to give you a safe experience. You will also never see one of our electricians who is not dressed in our uniform. We always communicate clearly and effectively, using terminology that you understand so that you are never left out of the loop. Finally, we will always be on time and will get the job done right the first time. 

As a family-owned and operated business, we truly care about you. This care will be shown in the way that we treat you from our first interaction to our last. We want to be the electricians that you trust, not just because we do a good job, but because we have integrity. Call us today for electrical repair services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.

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