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Electric Water Heater Repair in Orlando, Florida

You rely on your water heater every day for bathing and cleaning, and any downtime is going to significantly disrupt your household routine. If you have an electric water heater here in Orlando, FL, you know just how difficult any such disruption can be.

You should trust your electrical water heater repairs to the experienced and licensed electricians at A-Lumination Electric Inc. Our team has the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle electric water heater problems specifically and can get your hot water running again sooner.

Is It Time to Call in the Professionals?

While it might be clear that you need electrical water heater repair if your hot water supply is completely gone, you can watch for other signs of trouble and get repairs before it’s too late. Reach out to A-Lumination Electric Inc today if you notice any strange operational changes, like:

  • A hot water temperature that varies erratically
  • A very limited hot water supply
  • Strange noises coming from your water heater

There isn’t much troubleshooting that homeowners can safely do for issues with their electric water heaters. Working on one without professional experience can be hazardous, both to the condition of your water heater and to your safety.

Our experienced electricians can quickly get to the bottom of the problem and provide you with a reliable quote for any electrical water heater repairs. With years of experience, we know just what to look for during electric water heater troubleshooting.

Finding the Problem with Your Electric Water Heater

Your electric water heater works by running electricity through a heating element that’s submerged in your water heater tank, much in the same way that electric baseboard heating heats a room or an electric stove heats pots and pans. When you’re not getting hot water, the first thing we check is the power supply.

We can check both the water heater itself and your home’s electrical system powering it. You might be facing an issue with wiring or your circuit breaker.

When it comes to the water heater itself, we check to ensure electrical continuity for both the lower and upper heating elements. We test them to make sure they’re working right, and if they’re not, we can replace them to get your heater functioning again.

Your water heater also has numerous control elements that rely on electricity. These sensitive components can become damaged or corroded over the years and will shut your water heater down as a safety measure if they aren’t working correctly.

Our skilled technicians can quickly evaluate the condition of your water heater’s thermostat and other control elements. We can generally replace these parts relatively simply.

It Might Be Time for a Replacement

Depending on the specific issues we find, it might be time for a replacement. The average electric water heater can last upwards of ten years and grows more likely to need replacement after that. 

The replacement of residential electric water heaters is one of our specialties, and it could be an essential step to restoring your home’s safe and steady supply of hot water.

Professional Electrical Water Heater Repairs

Because your electrical water heater combines electricity and hot water in close quarters, it isn’t the kind of appliance you should be attempting to repair on your own. To maintain your safety and avoid further damage, only trust electrical water heater repair to trained professionals.

The team at A-Lumination Electric can carry out reliable service for all makes and models of electric water heaters. With years of experience, our technicians can handle any issues you might be facing with your electric water heater here in Orlando, FL.

Reach out to us today for a fast response and quality service for your electric water heater. A-Lumination Electric can find out just what’s causing the issue and give you a dependable quote on any required repairs.