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Electrical Panel Upgrade

Where would we be without the extraordinary powers of electricity? In the many decades since we’ve augmented our homes with electricity and energy, we’ve created countless machines and appliances that make our lives that much easier.

But what if we told you that your home could have even more power? At A-Lumination Electric, we provide electrical panel replacements to give your home that much-needed power boost. 

Why Upgrade? 

In theory, more power sounds good, but what does an electrical panel upgrade mean? And why would homeowners want to upgrade? There are several reasons why you should consider an electrical panel replacement:

Improve Your Home’s Safety 

Perhaps the most important benefit is safety. 

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you better protect your home and family from dangers like broken circuit breakers and shorting wires. In this manner, you significantly decrease the likelihood of a home fire. 

If you choose to upgrade your panel, our team of certified electricians will help create a safer home for you and your family. 

Increase Power Capacity 

A lack of power capacity can be a real mood killer. Picture it: you turn on your dishwasher; meanwhile, your son upstairs plugs in his decked-out amp, and your visiting in-laws plug in their hair blowers. Before you know it, you trip a breaker. 

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you gain much more power capacity. As a result, you never have to worry about overloading your home’s electrical system. With more technology coming to market, more power capacity means a much smoother-functioning home, no matter what appliances you use. 

Protect Your Electronics 

You spend money on your electronics, so why not take the care and forethought to protect them? When you have an older electrical panel, your home can accidentally short out your electrical devices, which can burn them out, killing them forever. 

Protect your home’s appliances and electrical toys from ever having to come in contact with a faulty electrical feed. Upgrade your electrical panel now for better, reliable electrical capabilities. 

When to Upgrade

Many homeowners wonder if upgrading their electrical panels is right for them. 

One good way to tell if it’s time to upgrade is by your panel’s age. A typical electrical panel lasts for 60 years — and that’s without it having to endure any harsh conditions like the high humidity in Lake Nona, FL. 

If your home hasn’t upgraded its electrical panel in 60 years (or close to it), that’s a good indicator that it may be time to upgrade.

Some more key indicators include: 

  • Your outlets emit a burning smell
  • Your breakers trip often
  • Your panel is rusted or old
  • You notice frayed wires
  • Your panel is hot or overheating 
  • Your lights are flickering or dimming 
  • You lose power often 

If you notice one or more of these signs, there’s a high chance that you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. Make sure to call a certified professional to complete the upgrade. While some homeowners think they can tackle upgrades themselves, this approach is risky. 

When upgrading your electric panel, you’re dealing with complicated wiring and live electricity. Making the wrong move can result in electrocution or start a fire. If you believe you need an upgrade, call A-Lumination Electric for the best service in Lake Nona, FL. 

Get a Panel Upgrade in Lake Nona, FL 

At A-Lumination Electric, we’ve had the privilege of serving Lake Nona and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We have the tools and knowledge needed to equip your home with the finest electrical system around. 

As a family-owned business, we take care of your family like you were our own. Whether you need repairs or you’re ready for an electrical panel upgrade, call our team for the best service in Florida. Give us a call today to book an appointment.