The Benefits of Upgrading Your Home with GFCI Outlets

Written January 9, 2023 by vscontent

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your home, increase safety, and save money simultaneously? If so, consider upgrading your outlets with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. GFCI outlets are designed to provide extra protection from electrical shock and are required by law in many parts of the country. Keep reading to learn more about GFCI outlets and why you should consider upgrading your home. 

What Are GFCI Outlets, and How Do They Work? 

GFCI outlets are a particular type of outlet designed to protect against electrical shock. GFCI, which stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is an electrical device that monitors the amount of electricity flowing between two circuits and shuts off the power flow if it detects too much. They immediately shut off power to the outlet if an imbalance is detected. This helps prevent electric shocks and protects against electrical fires caused by overloaded circuits or faulty wiring. They can also help protect your electronics and appliances from power surges if your home’s wiring is not up to code. 

Why Upgrade Your Home with GFCI Outlets? 

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are designed to reduce the risk of shock and electrocution, making them vital components of any modern home’s electrical system. GFCI outlets are becoming the norm in homes because they provide extra protection against electrical shock. These safety devices are easily identified by the pair of test and reset buttons between their sockets. 

You should install GFCI outlets in any area where water might come into contact with electrical circuits, as they can help save lives by shutting down the circuit when that happens. Aside from providing peace of mind, they also offer various other benefits for you and your home, including: 

Prevention of Electrical Fires

One of the primary benefits of upgrading your home with GFCI outlets is that it can help to prevent fires. GFCI outlets are designed to trip and shut off power if they detect a current leak, which can help prevent an electrical fire from starting.

Prevention of Electrocutions

Another benefit of GFCI outlets is that they can help to prevent electrocutions. Electrocutions occur when a person comes across an electrical current that is strong enough to cause cardiac arrest. GFCI outlets can help prevent electrocution by shutting off power when they detect a current leak.

Helps You Save Money

GFCI outlet installation is a wonderful way to save money. Not only can it help reduce your energy bill due to increased efficiency, but it also helps prevent fires which can be costly. Installing or replacing the GFCI outlets in your home or workspace can make all the difference in supporting its operations and running smoother. GFCI installation also requires less wiring than other outlet replacements making the process quicker, cheaper, and more efficient than many other electrical upgrades.

Increased Home Value

GFCI outlets are a fantastic way to provide extra safety for your home. Installing GFCI outlets can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and increase its value. With GFCI outlets in your home, you can get peace of mind knowing it’s safer, as well as potentially realizing a higher sale price.

Prevention of Damage to Your Electrical Equipment

GFCI outlet installation is crucial to electrical safety and protects you and your equipment from dangerous leakage. Leaks can damage your wires, leading to a GFCI outlet replacement if left unchecked. Taking the steps for GFCI outlet installation can save you the headache of dealing with leaks and potentially costly damage to your equipment. You should do consistent upkeep of GFCI outlets to ensure you are up to date on any replacements needed and that your equipment remains in safe working order.

Helps Your Home Stay Up to Code

GFCI outlets are an essential safety measure that can help protect you and your home. GFCI outlets are required by the National Electrical Code in new houses and save thousands of lives every year. However, older homes do not always have GFCI outlets, so it is wise to upgrade your home’s outlets.

Contact A-lumination Electric for Your GFCI Outlet Installation in Orlando, FL

GFCI outlets offer numerous benefits for homeowners looking for a way to upgrade their homes while simultaneously increasing safety and energy efficiency. These specialized outlets are designed to protect against electric shocks and fires caused by faulty wiring or overloaded circuits while also providing superior comfort compared to traditional outlets due to their ability to detect power surges quickly and shut off power accordingly. Upgrading your home with GFCIs is an effortless way for homeowners everywhere to increase safety while saving money in the long run!

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