Harmful Surges Can Endanger Your Orlando Home!

Florida is the lightning capital of the United States. Furthermore, Central Florida residents and business owners share the distinct privilege of being right in the heart of “Lightning Alley.” What does that mean for property owners in communities like College Park, Windermere and Lake Mary? Electrical current from a lightning strike can run through the wires in your home or business, causing power surges that can damage appliances like T.V.s and computers.

There are many ways that a power surge can infiltrate your electrical system. Whether caused from within (through appliance use) or from an outside source (like lightning or a downed power line), they can have a huge impact on your home. Through constant exposure to surges, your valuable electronics and appliances can become corrupted over time. Surge protection devices protect against power surges generated from any source, so you can rest easy.

Surge Protection in Orlando, Florida

Surge Protection Is a Low-cost Solution!

There are many benefits with surge protection, such as:

  • Insurance companies recommend them.
  • It costs less than an insurance deductible.
  • It prevents damage, loss of data from lightning surges and utility problems.

Why not have A-Lumination Electric install surge protection? Once purchased, you get to keep our Home Surge Protection package. Use it again if or when you move to a new house.

Complete Home Surge Protection (CHSP) can be installed on any manufacturer’s load center and works best when:

  • AC power, telephone lines and cable lines are included
  • Installed at service entrance and load center to divert lightning surges
  • Surge strips are used at critical loads, reducing any remaining surge to harmless levels

3 Levels of Surge Protection

A-Lumination Electric offers various levels of surge protection, such as:

  • Deluxe Line – Provides surge protection for the appliances and electronics in your house. Includes status monitor, 1 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strip, Lifetime manufacturer’s equipment warranty and a 5-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.
  • Premium Line – Includes all of the above, plus 2 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strips, Energy Armor Phone Protection, Energy Armor Cable Protection, and a 10-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.
  • Optimum Line – Includes all of the above, plus 3 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strips and 15-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.

Energy Armor Protection requires professional grounding to function properly. Our technician will evaluate your grounding system prior to Energy Armor installation. A-Lumination Electric Inc. is here to help you prepare for residential surges today and for the life of your home!

Residential Surge Protection in Orlando, FL

Power surges can strike at any time, leading to damaged devices and ravaged electrical systems. To avoid expensive replacements and repairs, every Orlando, FL, homeowner should consider residential surge protection. 

With residential surge protection, you can protect your home against the rampant lightning strikes that come with being at the center of Lightning Alley. A-Lumination Electric offers expert lightning surge protection in Orlando, FL, so that you can enjoy peace of mind at home.

What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is a wave of intense power running through your circuits and into every device or appliance you have plugged in at the time. Several things outside of your control can cause power surges. 

A tree limb might fall on nearby power lines. A car accident involving a nearby power line might occur. Lightning strikes can cause especially dangerous power surges. However, most power surges are caused by outdated electrical systems or faulty appliances inside the home.

How Does a Power Surge Affect My Home?

A power surge can ruin any electronic device or appliance plugged in when the power surge strikes your home. If you’re lucky, the surge caused no significant damage. Much of the time, damage may not be noticeable at first. 

Over time, you might notice certain devices or appliances behaving strangely. Computer monitors and TVs might flicker or fail to power on. Toasters might not heat up. The buttons on your microwave might not work. In worse cases, electronics might fail immediately after a power surge.

If you’re not sure how to identify a power surge, there are some signs you can look out for. Flashing or reset clocks on devices tend to hint at a recent power surge. You might detect a burning smell near your outlets or power strips, as well. 

What Is a Whole House Surge Protector?

You might be familiar with surge protector power strips. A whole house surge protector is like that, but for your entire home instead of just one outlet. A-Lumination Electric will install a lightning surge protection device in your electrical panel, which can block a power surge before it races through your home’s wiring.

Benefits of Surge Protection in Orlando, FL

With residential surge protection, you gain several benefits. You can raise your home’s value knowing that it is protected against power surges. You’ll reduce damage to appliances, if not prevent it outright. You might even qualify for a discount on your home insurance premiums.

Surge Protection Levels

A-Lumination Electric offers several levels of residential surge protection. We can help you choose the right one based on your home’s needs.

Deluxe Line

The Deluxe Line surge protection protects all appliances and electronics in your home. It includes a status monitor, 1 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strip, a lifetime manufacturer’s equipment warranty, and a 5-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee. 

Premium Line

Our Premium Line includes everything that comes with the Deluxe Line. On top of that, the Premium Line package includes 2 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strips, Energy Armor Phone Protection, Energy Armor Cable Protection, and a 10-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee. 

Optimum Line

The Optimum Line package includes everything that comes with the Premium Line. It adds 3 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strips and a 15-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.

Orlando, FL’s Most Trusted Electrician

If your home is under siege by power surges and you’re worried about your electronics, A-Lumination Electric can help. Our expert electricians have served the greater Orlando, FL area for 34 years, with a dedication to quality workmanship and customer service. 

To schedule service and protect your home against power surges, call A-Lumination Electric today to schedule your free appointment. Our qualified technicians are standing by, ready to secure your home against power surges of all types.

When you call A-Lumination Electric Inc., we connect a whole-house surge protection device to your home’s fuse box. The design shunts surges of any size – generated from anywhere.

For more information on surge protection or our other electrical services, a friendly, knowledgeable voice is waiting for you! Call today at 407-710-9695!

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