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Circuit Breakers and Fuses in Orlando, Florida

Have you ever tried to turn on your hairdryer only to have all of the power in that room of the house go out? When this happens, there’s no need to panic! It’s just your circuit breaker or fuse box doing its job to keep your electrical system safe. At A-Lumination, we can take care of your electrical panel by providing circuit breaker repair and installations in Central Florida.

When to Replace the Circuit Breaker Panel

Electrical-panel-replacement-and-repair-Orlando-Fl-28.5384° N, 81.3789° WInterested in securing your home’s electrical system? Start with your circuit breaker panel. Your  homeowner’s insurance requires you to replace the circuit breaker panel after 20 years for a good reason. An old one could be a danger to your home. Ask these questions so you can see if your circuit breaker panel needs to be replaced:

Is Your Circuit Breaker Panel Out of Date?

If your circuit breaker panel is out of date, it cannot effectively prevent power surges or circuit shortages. In fact, it is more likely to create problems. Old circuit breaker panels are hardly prepared for the demands of modern appliances in the first place.

If you find that running two appliances at once trips the breaker consistently or there is a burning smell coming from your circuit breaker panel, the problem may be bigger than you think. The two most common out-of-date circuit breaker panels are Federal Pacific Electric panels and Zinsco panels. These panels are not equipped to handle the energy demands of modern homes and could overheat, spark, and lead to fires.

Can My Circuit Breaker Panel Handle Today’s Electronics?

Electrician-In Orlando-FL_28.5384° N, 81.3789° WModern circuit breaker panels are more adept to handle the demands of today’s appliances. Perhaps the one that you have installed isn’t very old, but it’s simply getting overloaded. This would be a good reason to have it replaced as well.

Most average-sized homes require a circuit breaker with at least 100 amps. This is usually enough to run all of your large appliances such as your HVAC system, your kitchen appliances, and your smaller devices. However, if you are planning on installing a hot tub, setting up an electric vehicle charging station in your garage, or adding on to your house, you should probably look into having additional circuits added to your circuit breaker panel or replacing it altogether. 

We will always give you honest advice that’s easy to understand any time we recommend a service. Some problems may just require us to repair a circuit breaker, and we are always happy to take care of these issues as quickly as possible. If we think that a circuit breaker replacement or an upgrade may be a better option for you, we will let you know all the particulars so that you can make a good decision. Whichever is the case, we will be with you every step of the way. 

What is the Difference Between a Circuit Panel and a Fuse Box?

Fuse boxes aren’t nearly as common as they were 50 years ago. But until the 1960s they were standard in most households. A fuse box uses a series of fuses that are connected to different areas of the home, very similar to a circuit breaker. However, when you do something such as turn on your microwave and air fryer at the same time, it’s going to burn out one of those fuses rather than simply tripping a breaker. A new fuse has to be installed each time there is a surge or fault. 

Fuse boxes don’t automatically pose a fire hazard when they are properly maintained and have the correct fuses. However, there is a bigger margin for error. Installing the wrong size of fuse can be problematic and dangerous, and any attempt to bypass the system by using something other than a fuse can result in an electrical fire. 

If you have a fuse box, you want to make sure you have someone fix it who knows what they are doing. At A-Lumination, we can take care of fuse boxes as well as circuit breakers. We often recommend, however, that our customers upgrade to a circuit breaker with more amperage that is safer, up to code, and much more convenient.

A circuit breaker panel that cannot handle the capacity that your home demands could be a fire hazard. The best option for your home is the Eaton Cutler Hammer panel. If you’re concerned about your circuit breaker panel, or if you don’t even know where to begin in securing your home’s electricity, call the qualified Orlando electricians at A-Lumination Electric today!

Our technicians believe in making your home as safe as possible for you and your family. Call today at 407-710-9695 so you can get the best service.