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    We Offer Replacement and Repairs for all Electric Water Heaters!

    Water heaters provide us with clean, warm water every day. If your electric water heater is giving you issues, a typical plumber won’t be able to fix it. Electric water heaters can require repairs and maintenance that has nothing to do with the water itself.

    When your water loses heat and you are constantly finding yourself taking cold showers, it’s time to call A-Lumination Electric Inc. Our expert technicians provide troubleshooting, repair, installation and replacement for all electric water heaters. In fact, many electric water heaters only last an average of 10 years, less than your heating and cooling system and far less than the amount of time people spend in their home. If your electric water heater is over 10 years old and breaks down regularly, it may be time to replace it.

    What We Look for When Repairing Electric Water Heaters

    • Confirm power is being provided to the electric water heating element thermostat.
    • Check for power and electrical continuity at the lower and upper heating elements.
    • Check for crossed connection.
    • Test upper heating element and replace if required.
    • And More!

    Your electric water heater is far more than just pipes with a heating system attached to them. It uses a series of controls to help regulate temperature and guarantee that you have hot water on demand.

    There are many makes and models of electric water heaters, and we can service them all! Our technicians are certified to handle any issue that may arise from your electric water heater. We deliver top-tier customer service to all Orlando residents and high-quality repairs.

    The next time you are stuck with freezing water, call the experts at A-Lumination Electric today at (407)-298-1412.