Summer Electrical Problems to Watch Out For

Written June 28, 2024 by vitalstorm

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, summer brings its own set of challenges, especially in sunny Florida. While many of us are focused on staying cool and enjoying outdoor activities, it’s also crucial to keep an eye on potential electrical issues that can arise during the summer months. From overloaded circuits to HVAC strains, understanding and preventing these common summer electrical problems can help ensure a safe and comfortable summer for you and your family.

1. Overloaded Circuits

The use of air conditioners, fans, and other cooling systems in Florida skyrocket in the summer. In turn, this means the demand on electrical circuits increases significantly. Overloaded circuits can lead to tripped breakers, power outages, and even electrical fires. It’s essential to distribute electrical loads evenly throughout your home and avoid plugging too many high-energy devices into a single outlet or circuit.

2. HVAC System Strain

Your HVAC unit works overtime in the hot and humid Florida climate. However, this increased workload can put a strain on the system, leading to breakdowns and malfunctions. Regular maintenance and tune-ups can help keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the summer. Maintenance will ususally include cleaning or replacing air filters and checking for any leaks or obstructions. 

3. Outdoor Electrical Hazards

Summer is a popular season for outdoor outings and activities, but it’s also a time when outdoor electrical hazards become more prevalent. Wet weather, poolside electrical appliances, and outdoor lighting can all pose risks if not installed and maintained properly. Make sure all outdoor outlets are equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent electrical shocks. You should also always use outdoor-rated extension cords and appliances.

4. Lightning Strikes

Florida is known as the “Lightning Capital of the United States,” with frequent thunderstorms during the summer months. Lightning strikes can cause power surges, which can damage electrical appliances and devices. Installing surge protectors and unplugging sensitive electronics during storms can help mitigate the risk of damage from lightning strikes.

5. Swimming Pool Electrical Hazards

Swimming pools are a popular way for homeowners to beat the heat in Florida, but they also present unique electrical hazards, especially during the summer months. Electrical appliances, such as pool pumps, lighting, and heaters, must be installed and maintained properly to prevent the risk of possible electric shock or electrocution. Ensure that all pool equipment is installed by a licensed electrician and meets local electrical codes. Regularly inspect and maintain pool electrical systems, including ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and bonding and grounding systems, to reduce the risk of electrical accidents. Additionally, never swim during thunderstorms, as lightning can pose a significant danger to swimmers in the pool. By prioritizing swimming pool electrical safety, you can enjoy a fun and relaxing summer without worrying about electrical hazards

6. Electrical Storm Damage

Florida’s summer weather can be unpredictable, with frequent thunderstorms and hurricanes. Lightning strikes, high winds, and heavy rain can cause iincredible damage to electrical systems, including power lines, transformers, and electrical panels. Keep an eye out for signs of electrical damage such as flickering lights, power outages, or burnt smells, and contact a qualified electrician immediately if you suspect storm-related damage to your home’s electrical infrastructure.

Avoid Running into Summer Electrical Problems. Schedule Electrical Service with A-Lumination Electric in Orlando, FL and the Surrounding Areas

While summer in Florida brings sunshine and warm weather, it also comes with its share of electrical challenges. By staying vigilant and addressing potential issues proactively, you can ensure a safe and comfortable summer for you and your family. From managing electrical loads to maintaining your HVAC system, taking steps to prevent common electrical problems will help you stay cool and enjoy the season to its fullest. A-Lumination Electric wants to help make sure you stay safe all year long. Contact us for all your electrical maintenance, repair, and replacement needs in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.