Why Choose A-Lumination for Your Ceiling Fan Installation?

For anyone in the Orlando and Central Florida area, an excellent choice for ceiling fan installation and repair is A-Lumination Electric Inc. We are Orlando residential electricians who have been servicing the area since 1989. Our customers always highly recommend us, and we even won a Best of HomeAdvisor award in 2013 and 2014! The best thing about using A-Lumination for your ceiling fan installation is that we will quote you a price on your installation before we start work. This is good for those who would rather reach for a wrench themselves than pay too much.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Orlando, Florida

Ceiling Fan Installation

You don’t have to be a born-and-raised Floridian to understand the value of the ceiling fan. Whether you migrated to Orlando from Connecticut, Washington, or California, all it takes is one Florida summer for you to covet the many advantages of ceiling fans.

Perhaps you invested in a home that didn’t have ceiling fans—a rarity in Florida—and came to find that you would rather have them installed in order to take some pressure and cost off your A/C. The summers here are just too hot to do without ceiling fans. You’ll be running your air conditioning much more without them.

What We Do:

  • We know the installation measurements and secrets that will make your fan as efficient as possible.
  • We will remove your old fans, if that is necessary, and install new ones.
  • During maintenance, we will check the following: balance, oil, chain switch, speed switch and/or remote-control units.

Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust fans are just as important as ceiling fans, but they don’t get the attention they deserve. Having an exhaust fan can make any room more pleasant, bearable and healthier. These fans provide ventilation to areas of your home that have none. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, especially in the overly humid areas of your home, it’s time to change that.

Which Rooms Should Have an Exhaust Fan?

  • Bathroom (eliminates foggy mirrors, excess heat and limits mold growth).
  • Kitchen (dissipates cooking smells, grease and heat).
  • Garage (clears out unhealthy, even dangerous fumes that can accumulate, especially an attached garage; clears fumes from car exhaust, power lawn mower fumes; chemicals stored such as paint thinner, adhesives, etc.).
  • Attic (prevents attics from becoming stuffy and too warm; protects items stored there from getting moldy, prevents wood rot on floors or furniture).

Why Do You Need Exhaust Fans?

  • To remove excess humidity from the air (from showering or cooking).
  • For comfort and convenience: The kitchen is easier to clean when excess grease and cooking debris are vented out with an exhaust fan. There’s also less mold to clean up in the bathroom.
  • For odor control and quick ventilation of fumes.
  • For better indoor air quality: Exhaust fans clear out harmful fumes from the garage, along with grease, combustion debris and heat from the kitchen stove. They also keep moisture-loving bacteria and mildew at bay in the bath.
  • To prevent condensation and limit mold growth.
  • To prevent damage to walls and the home’s structure: Wallpaper can peel in a moist environment. Paint peels off of wooden window sills and other places in a humid room. Wood floors and furniture may become warped or require replacement (years earlier than otherwise) when exposed to moisture in the air.

Proper ceiling fan and exhaust fan installation is crucial for family and property safety. Call the experts at A-Lumination Electric Inc. today at 407-710-9695. We specialize in ceiling fan installation and exhaust fan installation!

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