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  • Generator Installation and Service for Orlando Homes

    Losing electricity for a few hours in our technology-driven world is an inconvenience, but when those hours turn into days or weeks your comfort, health and security can be greatly compromised. Power outages can last for a while and become a great danger. Many appliances rely on electricity to keep food refrigerated. Additionally, electricity helps protect digital information and assists with communication with the outside world.

    No one enjoys power outages, but losing access to heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, or power for sensitive electrical appliances can be uncomfortable at best – and dangerous at worst. For those with their health on the line, it can be even more challenging to find an alternative power source. Losing electricity for most people can have devastating consequences, even in the short-term.

    Get peace of mind with a backup generator installed by our expert technicians at A-Lumination Electric. We believe your best defense against a prolonged blackout is a residential backup generator. Having a backup generator, also known as a standby generator, can ensure safety and convenience by providing electricity for several days. When your home suddenly experiences a blackout, a generator can kick on and restore power automatically – even when you are not home!

    The instant transfer allows for an uninterrupted continuation of power at the proper voltage. This keeps your appliances, electronics, devices and alarm system unharmed – safe from corruption and destructive power surges. A generator gives you and your household peace of mind – whether at home or away.

    Benefits of a Generator

    • Automatic Distribution of Electricity
    • Peace of Mind (at Home or Away)
    • Ability to Stay Connected and Comfortable
    • Continuous, Uninterrupted Use of Electricity
    • Electrical System Protection from Voltage Fluctuations and Surges
    • Uninterrupted Security

    Schedule an Installation Today

    There’s no reason to put off installing a generator. Call the experts at A-Lumination Electric today to find the generator that best suits your needs. We can service any model of generator! Installing a generator is more than just plugging it into your home.

    Generators require accurate connection to the power system. The generator needs to be able to watch the municipal electric grid to avoid adding excess energy. Excess energy can destabilize the grid and knock out power again. A-Lumination Electric Inc. can help install your generator from start to finish, so you can rest easy! We will inspect your home and find the best possible generator for your electrical uses.

    If you’re looking for a simple manual generator that you can just turn on when you need to or if you need an automatic emergency generator, contact A-Lumination Electric today! Call (407) 917-1792.