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Electrical Outlet Repair in Orlando, Florida

Electrical Outlet Repair in Orlando, FL

Are your outlets behaving strangely or not working at all? If you’re having issues with your outlets, A-Lumination Electric offers quick and efficient electrical repairs for residential power outlets in Orlando, FL. 

A damaged or faulty outlet is not something you should ignore. If you notice anything wrong with your outlets, don’t hesitate to call us to fix the problem at the root.

When to Get Your Outlets Repaired

Electrical problems have a way of sneaking up on homeowners. When it comes to your outlets, there are some symptoms you can look out for. Whenever you notice any of these problems, you mustn’t ignore them. To keep your home safe and your electrical system functional, you may need electrical outlet repairs. 

Dead Outlet

Your outlets are your only link to your home’s electrical system. If your outlets aren’t working, you may as well not have power. 

Even if a single outlet seems to have no power, it’s still important that you take it seriously. The wires leading to that outlet may be severely damaged, or the circuit could be overloaded. If left ignored, these issues could turn into worse problems. 

Scorch Marks and Melting

Burn marks and melted plastic indicate a serious problem behind the outlet. Short-circuiting is often the cause of a sparking outlet, and it can lead to a fire if you’re not careful. If you see this, call A-Lumination Electric right away so we can make the necessary repairs and keep your home safe.

Cracked and Chipped Faceplate

While a damaged faceplate isn’t strictly an electrical issue, it can become one. Dust and debris can sneak in through the gaps and cling to wires, heating them up. If the buildup is severe enough, an electric arc could cause the dust or debris to ignite. When a faceplate is chipped or cracked, it’s best not to use that outlet before it’s repaired. 

Plugs Won’t Stay Plugged In

Plugs that won’t stay in the outlet may seem like a minor annoyance, but they can be a prelude to something much more serious. When your plug doesn’t stay in, it means the outlet has experienced significant wear and tear. A plug that isn’t secure can cause sparking or electrical arcing, both of which can lead to fires.

Warm or Hot Outlets

Outlets that are warm to the touch mean there’s something wrong behind your outlet. Your wiring may have been incorrectly installed, become damaged, or worn down over time. If left ignored, this could lead to an electrical fire and serious repairs.

Burning Smells

If you smell smoke or burning electricals, you should trust your instincts. Something is wrong with your outlets. The wires behind your outlets may be getting dangerously hot, or your outlets could be sparking without you noticing.

Inconsistent Power

When your devices or appliances seem to power off and on randomly, it could be because there isn’t enough power available for that outlet. This insufficiency could be because the outlet is old, or because your electrical panel can’t keep up with demand. 

In this case, you should contact A-Lumination Electric to see if you need an outlet repair or an electrical terminal replacement.

Outdated Outlet

Older homes may have simple but outdated two-prong outlets. These aren’t compatible with appliances and devices with three-prong plugs and are generally not as safe as three-prong outlets. Outlet replacement is the only way to go. 

If your outlets don’t have a ground pin hole, A-Lumination Electric can help you out with a new electrical outlet installation.

Call A-Lumination for 24/7 Outlet Repair in Orlando, FL

If your outlets are giving you trouble, don’t wait. Our expert electricians are available 24/7, so if you need outlet repairs in the middle of the night, you can count on us to help. Call A-Lumination Electric today to schedule your appointment.