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  • Pool Equipment


  • We Handle the Electrical Side of all Pool Repairs!

    Many modern pools in Florida have a sub-panel at the equipment pad. It contains all the breakers necessary for the electrical equipment. This equipment includes:

      • The Filter Pump
      • Air Blower
      • Underwater Lights
      • Electrical Outlet (GFCI)
      • Time Clocks
      • Electronic Heater
      • Automatic Cover
      • Control Systems
      • Extra Accessories for Your Pool

    This sub-panel is connected to the main panel inside of your home, which helps provide its power.

    Electrical wiring, water and weather have never been great friends. Exposed wiring and damaged panels can become a huge hazard around your pool. When it comes to looking at electrical issues surrounding your pool, don’t try and fix the issues yourself. The risk for electrocution is too great to try to take on this task by yourself. A-Lumination Electric Inc. cares about your safety! That’s why we offer extensive installation and repair on all electrical pool equipment!

    Hot Tubs and Spa Power Services for Orlando

    Installing hot tubs and spas is a great way to relieve stress and relax after a hectic day. The warm heat opens your pores and helps clear your body of the day’s toxins. The benefits of sitting in a hot tub or spa even help with those suffering from the effects of arthritis or other conditions.

    Because of the many different configurations available, wiring a hot tub or spa can be extremely complicated. A-Lumination Electric has the knowledge and skills to ensure that your hot tub or spa is working safely and efficiently.

    Basic Components of a Hot Tubs and Spas:

    • Control System. The control system of a hot tub operates like the hot tub’s brain. It often looks like a digital keypad that can be located near the hot tub. Often joined with portable units or located away from the tub for in-ground units, the control is an important part of spa and hot tub wiring by controlling temperature, jet action, filtration and more.
    • Filtration System. Hot tubs require clean water for optimum enjoyment. Since filters and related equipment can often be located away from outdoor tubs, proper hot tub wiring plans should include the filtration system.
    • Pump & Heater. Warming and circulating the water is at the heart of any spa and hot tub, so the water pump and heater must be considered when it comes to electrical repair. Frequently, wiring a spa and hot tub can be made easier when the pump and heater are located close to the rest of the equipment.
    • Lighting. The spa and hot tub lighting system sets the atmosphere for the entire experience. Whether subtle or vibrant, any hot tub installation should address how lighting will be used in and around the tub.

    Because water and electricity are within close proximity of each other in a spa, pool and hot tub, it is best to leave the wiring and repairs to the pros. We at A-Lumination Electric make sure all of our work meets both the National and electrical codes, so you can enjoy your spa, pool or hot tub while being safe. Our technicians perform their work with the utmost care and planning – giving you the most up to date repairs and wiring for your new or current hot tub, pool and spa.

    Call us today at (407) 917-1792 so you can get back to relaxing and unwinding!