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    Wiring and Rewiring Appliance Circuits for Orlando Homes

    cocoa-beach-residential-electrical-installation-fl_28.3200° N, 80.6076° WOrlando and Central Florida are filled with older homes and remodeling them can be very rewarding. However, if there is one thing that you want to do right the first time, it is the wiring. A lot of these older homes’ outlets and circuits do not have the capacity to handle the electrical needs of newer appliances. Washers and dryers, dishwashers, microwaves—these take a lot of energy and the amount each takes varies.

    You wouldn’t want to go through the process of remodeling a house—doing everything yourself, right down to the crown molding—to hear a pop when you go to do a load of laundry or crank up the hot tub!

    When it comes to installing new circuits for your appliances, you know what to do. The best decision for you and your home is to call the professionals at A-Lumination Electric. Even if you’re not doing a complete remodel and simply want to install a hot tub, we’re  here to help. Our electricians know the circuits required for each type of appliance, and they can assess your needs accurately.

    Our Wiring and Rewiring Services Include:

    • New Installations
    • Additions and Remodels
    • Code or General Safety Updates
    • Circuit Repairs
    • Dedicated Circuits and Appliance Circuits
    • Aluminum Wiring Replacements

    Any electrical work, from installing a few new outlets to adding a new room, requires wiring. But at A-Lumination Electric, when we talk about wiring and rewiring, we mean full in-the-wall wires for circuits, outlets, appliances and lighting. This is the large-scale task of working with wires that affect entire rooms of your home if they don’t work properly.

    Electrical-panel-replacement-and-repair-Orlando-Fl-28.5384° N, 81.3789° WWe at A-Lumination Electric are native Orlando residential electricians that have been around since 1989. Our expert technicians have been dealing with older Central Florida homes for a long time, and they can help you with a range of appliance circuit needs. Whether it be a simple kitchen appliance, converting from gas to electric, or even a big project like an addition on your house, making sure your home is wired correctly for these events is what we do best.

    When your home is in need of quality electrical wiring service, don’t hesitate to call A-Lumination Electric at (407)-298-1412!