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Electrical Panel Rejuvenation

If you want the best for your home’s electrical system in terms of safety, dependability, and longevity, then you’ll need professional maintenance from licensed electricians. One vital part of that maintenance is an electrical panel rejuvenation, an affordable electrical panel service that delivers lasting results.

A-Lumination Electric has been providing exceptional electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. If you need a dependable electrician for your next electrical panel rejuvenation, you can count on our experienced team.

What Exactly Is an Electrical Panel Rejuvenation?

Many homeowners haven’t heard of panel rejuvenations before, instead only being aware of more intensive and expensive panel upgrades. A panel rejuvenation is a completely separate service that provides proactive maintenance to keep your home safer and your electrical components working longer.

For this electrical panel service, you’ll receive a visit from one of our skilled electricians. We’ll carefully inspect the panel for any issues or deviations from building codes. That includes manually disconnecting and reconnecting individual connections to make sure that they’re all safe and operating correctly.

Electrical panels have very specific configurations that they must be wired in for both safety and proper function. We ensure that your panel meets these code requirements, with the ground, neutral, and live wires all connected to the appropriate points and tightened to the necessary specifications.

If you’ve gone with amateur repairs in the past, it could turn out that connections in your electrical panel aren’t correct. This can be dangerous, increasing the risk of electrical fires or, at the very least, making your breakers trip more often. An electrical panel rejuvenation ensures that every connection is in working order to provide your home with a safe, effective, and efficient electrical system.

We’ll also inspect for any openings or holes in the panel box that could pose a potential pest issue. Many panel installers don’t properly address this issue, thinking that they’re unlikely to be noticed. By addressing this problem, we reduce your risk of dealing with pest damage to your home’s electrical system in the future.

Your electrical panel rejuvenation could also call for the replacement of individual circuit breakers. This isn’t the same as updating your electrical service for more capacity or installing new circuits. Instead, it’s replacing individual parts to ensure that your panel delivers the highest level of safety and reliability.

Is an Electrical Panel Rejuvenation Right for You?

There are many reasons that homeowners might choose this electrical panel service. Some could be having issues with their panels but don’t require an upgrade at this time. You could also be seeking to fix up messy repair or installation work that has left your panel with disorganized and disheveled wiring.

An electrical panel rejuvenation from A-Lumination Electric is also an incredibly convenient maintenance service that won’t have an extended impact on your home. Electrical panel upgrades can take significant time to complete and inconvenience you with the loss of electricity. A panel rejuvenation is much quicker. It will be finished in just one visit and cause only a minor disruption.

This is also a very affordable service that can be of benefit to your home’s electrical system. You can extend the life of your electrical panel without the potentially high cost of upgrades. It’s an extremely prudent decision for any homeowner to make and can save you money on repairs in the long run.

Many homeowners choose to have a panel rejuvenation before they begin showing their home to be sold. Even seemingly minor things can have a big impact on the offers you get, and a disorderly panel can leave buyers with the idea that your home’s electrical system isn’t safe, even if there’s nothing wrong.

An electrical panel rejuvenation also helps keep your home safer. By ensuring that wiring is correct and inspecting for faulty components, our electricians target some of the most common causes of panel problems that can ultimately lead to fires or electrocution.

When Is an Upgrade Right Instead?

Electrical panel rejuvenations provide many benefits, but some electrical panels can have issues that should be addressed through an upgrade or replacement. The experienced team at A-Lumination Electric can identify when an upgrade is necessary to keep your home safe and will inform you right away if that’s the case.

Aging panels are the most likely to require an upgrade to stay safe. Panels older than 20 years may lack modern safety features that significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires. If your home still has a fuse box, then it’s about 60 years out of date and needs a replacement panel right away.

You should also consider whether you’ll need to increase your home’s electrical capacity in the near future. If you’re planning a remodel, renovation, or a major new installation like an HVAC system or EV charger, then an upgrade today can help you prepare for that.

Professional Electrical Panel Services in Orlando, FL

The licensed electricians at A-Lumination Electric provide a full range of electrical panel services in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas, including rejuvenation, upgrades, replacements, and repairs. You can contact us today to schedule your service.