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The Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Generator

The Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Generator

November 28, 2022

We flip a switch, and we get power. Without any hassles, we have power at our fingertips. We may take this for granted at times and forget that we are at risk of having no electricity for reasons out of our control. Yes, natural disasters as well as power outages can leave us in the dark.

There is hope! Having a backup generator to restore normality in your home is a possibility for you. A-Lumination Electric is an electrical contractor in Orlando. We do whole home generator installations in Orlando, FL, offering friendly service and professional installations. 

Professional Whole Home Generator Installations

Losing power can turn our world upside down. We rely on electricity for basic things such as cooling or heating our home. We also need it to keep our food unspoiled, and many of us use modern technology in our homes to perhaps conduct business or even for recreational purposes. When you decide to get a generator for your home, you are not only installing a piece of equipment. You are getting one step ahead of the unforeseen circumstances of a power outage. 

Call A-Lumination Electric at 407-710-9695 for an electric generator in Orlando. We specialize in the installation of all types of generators. 

Benefits of a Generator

Many people think that having a generator is a luxury or that it is only essential for business use. Unfortunately, living in this day and age, a generator is a necessity for all. There are affordable options out there. It doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to have a generator for home use. In the long run, a whole home generator will save you money and provide convenience. What exactly are the benefits of having a backup generator? Here is a list just touching the surface of the benefits of having a whole home generator. 

Uninterrupted Security

Having no power in your home means that you are an easy target for house break-ins. Thieves take advantage of these situations as your home is not secure. Not having any outdoor security lighting to see what may be going on, alarm systems to alert you of dangerous activity on your property, or surveillance systems running to monitor criminal activity can leave your home vulnerable and an easy target for theft. Having a whole home generator installation in Orlando, FL means you have uninterrupted security, and you can keep your home out of danger. 

Keeps Important Household Appliances On 

If you take the time to walk around your home and identify the importance of each of the appliances or systems that you use, you will find that you depend on most, if not all, of them for your daily activities. Such examples may include your HVAC system to keep your home warm or cool. When you contact a professional electrician in Orlando for a generator installation, your daily activity is uninterrupted. 


Lighting is essential in our homes. We need sufficient lighting for studying or reading. Cooking a meal for the family or even using your bathroom can be difficult without proper lighting. Moving around our homes can also be inconvenient. While candles can be enjoyable, if you have kids or pets, candles can be a fire hazard. Even if you use candles for a few hours, it can be inconvenient. Having a generator installed can give you the lighting you need to operate in your home as you always do. 

Medical Equipment and Health Monitoring Devices

If you have a family member in your home with a serious health condition and need medical equipment to be running at all times, you know that an electricity supply is essential to the health of that family member. You can’t allow the well-being of your family to rely on factors that you do not control. Although we can’t control everything, by having an electric generator you can give your home an uninterrupted power supply so that you can run essential medical equipment for the health benefit of your family. 

Refrigerators and Freezers 

Whether we eat to live or live to eat, food is our main source of survival. If we have fridges or freezers with food stored in them and we experience a power outage, we risk losing all our food. This is not only costly, but it is a waste of food that you and your family need. Having an electrical contractor in Orlando install a generator in your home can save you the stress of trying to find ways to prolong the life of your food while not having access to a working fridge or freezer. 

The Best Whole Home Generator Installation Company in Orlando, FL 

At this point, you are probably fully convinced that a generator is an essential part of your home. It is not only affordable but a long-term investment. We can help you keep the power on at all times!

Call us at 407-710-9695 or contact us online for a generator installation so you can ensure electrical safety and convenience in your home.