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Electrician in Lake Nona, FL

Reputable Lake Nona Electrician

lake-nona-electrician-lights-installed-over-counterDo you live in the Lake Nona area? Are you looking for a well-recommended Lake Nona electrical contractor? Do you need more than a summary of services and a few star ratings to make your final decision? Then take this moment to read how A-Lumination might be the perfect electrician for you.

A-Lumination Electric Is a Reliable Lake Nona Electrician

One of the biggest issues that people have with electrical contractors is their untimeliness. You might have an appointment at 11, but the contractor doesn’t show up until 4, and by then it’s already quitting time! You’ll have to wait until a mysterious time the next day to have the project completed. Not only that, but when the electrician shows up the next day, they aren’t even prepared for the job ahead! They have to leave to stock up with more equipment!

This won’t be the case with A-Lumination Electric Inc. We’re “America’s On-Time Electrician.” We have heard your fears, and We have responded to your needs. We will be there, on time, with fully stocked service vehicles. We will be prepared to handle almost any job.

A-Lumination Electric Is an Outstanding Lake Nona Electrician

This is a bold statement. However, the proof is in the pudding. A-Lumination Electric won a Best of HomeAdvisor award in 2013. They get amazing reviews from their customers, some of whom have been with A-Lumination Electric since they were established in 1989.

A-Lumination Electric Is a 24/7 Lake Nona Electrician

lake-nona-electrician-lights-installedIf you have an emergency electrical situation in the middle of the night or early in the morning, you may assume that you’re done for. You may assume that you’ll have to wait until 9 a.m. to even get a real person on the phone. Not true! If you call (407) 710-9695, you will get a real person at A-Lumination Electric, who can send a Lake Nona residential electrician to you as soon as possible. You could potentially have your problem solved long before sunrise.

A-Lumination Electric Is a Flat Rate Lake Nona Residential Electrician

Another big issue that people have with electricians is that they feel bamboozled when they receive the bill. They had no idea that they were being billed for the electrician’s hour-long phone conversation, which the electrician took in their service vehicle while the electrical panel hung open, sparking every now and then. And for the travel time, when the electrician had to leave to get more tools.

At A-Lumination Electric, you agree to a flat rate for the job before work even begins. You can rest easy, knowing exactly what your bill will look like in the end. You can trust A-lumination because you know that you aren’t being bamboozled. You’ll have been quoted a price, and then have the option to reject it and go elsewhere, rather than being stuck with a giant, confusing tab at the end. We charge by the job, not by the hour.

Not only that, when the electricians are in your home, they will treat it with respect and discretion. They won’t leave a horrible mess behind.

Is Your Lake Nona Circuit Breaker panel Safe? Is It out of Date?

The two most common out-of-date circuit breaker panels are Federal Pacific Electric panels and Zinsco panels. These panels cannot handle the energy demands of modern homes and could overheat, spark, and lead to fires. To learn more, CLICK HERE

A-Lumination Electric is your Go-To Lake Nona Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Specialist!

So, there is one more deciding factor: what will it cost to get your needs taken care of? Need a home safety inspection? Do you want to install accent lighting and decorative ceiling fans? Do you want surge protection, to protect your home from the Florida storms?

Call (407) 710-9695. It’s the last step in the deciding process, and the first toward getting the job started!!

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Outlet Repair