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Electrician in Winter Garden, FL

A Trusted Winter Garden Electrician

winter garden electricianA-Lumination Electric Inc. promises the highest quality service from their Winter Garden residential electricians. Our standards are high, and our services come at a reasonable price. You don’t have to pay extra for quality. It’s simply guaranteed.

What Makes these Winter Garden Electricians So Exceptional?

These top-notch Winter Garden electricians have been in business in Central Florida since 1989. They have a lot of time and experience with a multitude of electrical needs. You can expect us to come to your home prepared to handle any job necessary, without having to back-track.

Our electricians know circuits and circuit breaker panels like the backs of their hands. They see accent lighting and ceiling fans in their sleep. It’s much safer to hire someone with this kind of experience, rather than try to tackle your electrical system yourself. Their expertise allows them to properly assess your needs, so that your home isn’t at risk of a fire or power surge. And if your home is over 15 years, it may need a circuit breaker panel replacement to avoid fires and other dangers.

What Makes these Winter Garden Electricians’ Prices So Reasonable?

What can be more reasonable than paying a price that you chose? With A-Lumination Electric, you get to see your total cost before the work begins. You won’t be stressing over an hourly rate or a ballpark figure. You will discuss the cost before work starts, and you have the opportunity to accept the cost or go elsewhere. However, our Winter Garden electrical representatives are pretty confident that you’ll find our quote most acceptable!

What Services Can I Expect from these Winter Garden Electricians?

winter garden electricianA-Lumination Electric offers many services. They range from home improvement projects, like ceiling fan replacement and in-home lighting for aesthetics and function, to electrical maintenance, like upgrading your circuits for new appliances.

Perhaps the most important service, however, is circuit breaker panel replacement. These Winter Garden residential electricians have been working on old Florida homes long enough to know when you need your circuit breaker panel replaced. This panel is the most important element in your electrical system. If it is faulty, then it is a danger to your entire home. Your new appliances may drain too much power and zap your circuit breaker panel. The damage to your appliances could equal hundreds of dollars in damage, not to mention pose a fire hazard.

One final important service is 24/7 emergency service. If you have an electrical emergency now, and it isn’t a reasonable time of day, it doesn’t matter. You can call A-Lumination Electric at (407) 298-1412 and have your problem fixed in no time!

Is Your Winter Garden Circuit Breaker Panel Safe? Is It out of Date?

The two most common out-of-date circuit breaker panels are Federal Pacific Electric panels and Zinsco panels. These panels cannot handle the energy demands of modern homes and could overheat, spark, and lead to fires. To learn more, CLICK HERE

A-Lumination Electric is your Go-To Winter Garden Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Specialist!

Give  us a call today at (407) 298-1412.