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Electrician in Merritt Island, FL

Merritt Island Electricians You Can Count On

merritt island electrician

When it comes to electrical matters, we recommend that you seek the help of professionals. No matter how simple or complex the situation is, never take the risk of doing it by yourself. For electrical services in Merritt Island, you can always count on A-Lumination Electric Inc. With all the different types of electrical services related to electricity, the trained electricians here are capable of doing it.

A-Lumination Electric Inc. gives all clients upfront pricing. We provide you with the total cost of the service you will need even before the electricians get started with the job. Isn’t it nice to be aware of the amount you are going to pay right then and there? No hidden charges! We get paid by the job and not by the hours spent to get the job done. We would like to maintain a good relationship to our customers by making them feel they are important and that we are always pleased to provide them the services they need at very affordable fees. Yes, we take pride in our very affordable pricing. We want to make sure people who need such service won’t hesitate to call on us because they know we are always right for their budget.

The Best Merritt Island Electricians You Can Trust

For home safety, we are here to give you that peace of mind you are looking for. Allow us to make you feel your Merritt Island house is a safe place to stay for the whole family. We can help you avoid common home incidents such as shock and fire. Our electricians recommend that you do something about it now before it’s too late. We make sure there’s enough staff to get the job done properly and fast.

Considering a home generator? We can have it installed for you. We set it up professionally so that it’s conveniently located for future use. Ceiling Fan installation and appliance circuits are also included in the services we offer. Anything that you can think of that involves electricity, we can surely do it so don’t worry about the hassle. Let the professionals handle all of your Merritt Island Electrician electrical jobs. Rest assured you will have no issues about it in the future. Yes, you can avoid electric shortage and shock! That’s all possible. Allow us to show you how.

The 24-hour Merrit Island Electrian

To better serve and cater to our customers in Merritt Island, A-Lumination Electric is open every day. We can attend to all your electrical emergencies. Here’s one thing we can promise you: we always show up. That’s the good thing about hiring a Merritt Island electrical company focused in your area. You always get the assurance that someone’s going to be there anytime you need electrical services. Regardless of your concern, we always make sure there will be electricians at your location to help you out. Just give us a call at (407) 298-1412, and let us know your exact problem. Our technicians will come to your home with the right tools and equipment, so they can address your specific electrical service needs.

What Services Can I Expect from these Merritt Island Electricians?

merritt island electricianThere are many other electrical companies in Merritt Island, but A-Lumination stands out. We’ve been in business since 1989, so you know it’s worth it to give us a try. You won’t be disappointed. Our electricians can fix the underlying problem, avoiding the same issue in the future. Our trained technicians will give you peace of mind that the problem is being fixed and there is nothing to worry about anymore.

A-Lumination would like to encourage Merritt Island residents to make their homes a safe place for the whole family. We do all it takes to provide our clients with outstanding customer service. All our electricians are professional and courteous. You will feel comfortable telling them your situation and your concerns. That way, we can make some necessary adjustments, so we can attend to your electrical concern immediately. Give us a call now, and let’s discuss the electrical services that you need. We can give you estimated pricing over the phone, and we can visit you immediately no matter where you are in Merritt Island.

Is Your Merritt Island Circuit Breaker Panel Safe? Is It out of Date?

The two most common out-of-date circuit breaker panels are Federal Pacific Electric panels and Zinsco panels. These panels cannot handle the energy demands of modern homes and could overheat, spark, and lead to fires. To learn more, CLICK HERE

A-Lumination Electric is your Go-To Merritt Island Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Specialist!

Give A-Lumination Electric a call today and see what price we can work out for you! (407) 298-1412